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Loretta Griffin's garden

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Wetumka Indian Community Preparing for Mvskokxe Whole Foods Project

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Okmulgee County Resource Coalition Luncheon 

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Lawrence Kabeah

Lawrence Kabeah sharing his knowledge of gardening.

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Garden onions from Okmulgee Farmers Market

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Leaves of the young Sassafras tree

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Sour cornbread

Homemade sour cornbread. Mmmm, you can almost smell it!

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Native Pumpkins

Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture, Poteau, has been growing Indian pumpkins for MFSI through the Conservation Innovation Grant (CIG) this year. 

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Executive Director

     Lizanne Holata (Mvskoke)

Youth and Cultural Coordinator

     Stephanie Berryhill (Mvskoke)

Multimedia Specialist

     Ric Denney (Mvskoke)

Financial Officer

     Linda Randall (Mvskoke)

Community Coordinator

     H. June Marshall (Kiowa)

Office Assistant

     Dicey Barnett (Mvskoke)

Office Assistant

     Sue White (Mvskoke)


Board of Directors

     Chumona Deere (Mvskoke)

     Jane Breckinridge (Mvskoke)

     Kent Sanmann (Kiowa)


Advisory Committee

     Lou Fixico (Mvskoke)

     Sharon Iverson (Norwegian)

     Emman Spain (Seminole)

     Yvette Wiley (Mvskoke)

     Donna Williams (Mvskoke)

     Joshua D  Castleman (Mvskoke)

     Jackson Barnett (Mvskoke)

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