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August/September 2008

Consumers Winning "Food Fight"

Produce from the free seeds

Does your diet contain inulin?

Creek Nation 4-H and Diabetes Prevention Youth Camp

Recipe: Ahv cvmpv

Recipe: Svkonepke

Recipe: 3-Bean Salad


May/June/July 2008

Mvskoke Food Sovereignty Initiative reaches far to help other groups to improve their health and wellness

Outreach Project

Summer Garden Tips

Santa Fe, NM Conference

Recipe: Sweet Potato Pie


March/April 2008

You are What you Eat

We need Your Help

Taos, New Mexico

New Garden Festival in Okmulgee

Recipe: Acorn Mush

Recipe: Acorn Breakfast

Recipe: Cherokee Succotash


January/February 2008

Let's Grow Some Food!

Wake up and Smell the Dirt

MFSI Makes Presentations at Regional Conference


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