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Wednesday, 07 October 2009 10:27

December 2009

Elder Woman of the Month: Lettie Randall

Pomiyetv Tate Mv Rakkes (How Our Livelihood Has Changed)

Update on Greenhouse Growing Series

Youth Poetry : yab@^ wAshtu^ (Swimming Up Stream)

Recipe of the Month: Pumpkin Spice Cake in Jars



November 2009

 Mvskoke Matriarch

Farmer of the Month: Claude Martin

Reflections of Mothers and Daughters

Recipe of the Month: Three Sisters Stew

Este Menettvlke Emponvkv: Youth Speaks, Breaking Down Food Sovereignty

Este Menettvlke Emponvkv: Youth Speaks, Colonization, Survival, and Food Sovereignty



October 2009

 Food of the Month: Pumpkin

Rancher of the Month: Jim Bill Dodson

Recipe of the Month: Fried Pumpkin Blossoms

"Indigenous Solutions for a Sustainable Future" with a focus on indigenous women's roles

"Roasting Chestnuts over an Open Fire..."

Este Menettuvlke Emponvkv : Youth Speaks, Hompetvn Este Cate Emvponicv (the language of food)


September 2009

Elderberry Season

Oklahoma Farm to School Program

Recipe of the Month: Elderberry with Sure Jell

Mvskoke Food of the Month: Purple Hulls

Three Springs Organic Farm

Farmers of the Month: Brent and Melissa Moffer


July/August 2009

Elder Muscogee (Creek) Women Share their Role as "Hompeda Hiya"

Corn Vce "Harvest of the Month"

Community Farmers Still Thriving to Exist

Elder Muscogee (Creek) Women Living Their Legacy

MFSI Gets Involved with Diabetes Camp

MFSI and Wilson Indian Community Attend Organic Field Day Training

Recipe: Delicious Squash Pie

Recipe: Fried Squash Blossoms


June 2009

MFSI Radio is on the "Net"

Mob Grazing Proves to Benefit Grass and Cattle

Wilson Community Receives Grant to Start Food Project

Agriculture for the Mvskoke Man

MFSI Launches Youth and Elder Sharing YES! Program

Schools can purchase from local farmers under the "Oklahoma Farm to School Program"


April 2009

National Family Farm Coalition

Tips on Container Gardening

Food & Society 2009: Gathering for Good Food

Tips for Harvesting Broccoli

MFSI Helps Locals start Gardens


March 2009

The Benefits of Mulch in Your Garden

Return to Your Roots Sovereignty Symposium a Success


February 2009

Return to Your Roots Food Sovereignty Symposium to be held in Okmulgee

The Oneidas: Strong in Tradition, Sustenance, and Thankfulness

It's soil testing time

Beans - Good for Man, Good for the Earth

Recipe: White Chili


January 2009

Community Outreach for Producer's Empowerment Project

Composting is a year-round project

A Comment from the Co-Director of MFSI

Winter Squash Recipes

Cancer and Chemoprevention with Nutrition

Recipe: Squash Casserole Side Dish

Recipe: Butternut Squash Supreme


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