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Thursday, 14 January 2010 08:56

January 2010


2nd Annual Food Sovereignty Symposium

Food Sovereignty in My Life

Updates on Trainings


Movie Review: Avatar

Capturing Knowledge

Making the Connection: Youth and Food Sovereignty

Mvskokvlke Enliketv Cupofuce Hunticetv: Muskogee Indian Community Garden

Recipe of the Month: Possum Grape Dumplings

MFSI Goings On


February/March 2010


More than Just Food 

In the Garden

Clean Meat for All

MFSI 2nd Annual Symposium

ESTE MVNETTVLKE EMPONVKV, Youth Speaks, The cost of a Mvskoke Diet

Talking Healthy Food


April 2010


Busy and Exciting Planting Season at MFSI

A Wild Onion Story

Clean Meat for All

Fund Raising Effort

Spring Gardening Guide

Youth Speaks, Why Not live off the land?

Farmers of the Month


May 2010


Farmers' Market & Clean Meat

Tribute to Our Mothers

Rancher of the Month Donal R. Howell

Hompetv Hayetv Onvkv- Recipes: Fruit Dip

MFSI's movie of the month Food, INC.

Nene Here Vlicetv

Building Fundraiser Project

Healthy Journey

May Calendar


June 2010


Festival of Eagles

Erke Ennetv Afvcketv-Happy Father's Day

Hompetv Hayetv-To Make Food

Hompetv Hayetv Onvkv- Recipes

Este Mvnettblke Emvpunvkv- Youth Speaks

Emetvlhmke Nak Onvkv- Community News

Hvse Vhvmkvtkv- Calendar


Summer 2010


Living off the Land

Hompetv Hayetv

Este Mvnettvlk Emvpunvkv

Etvlhvmke Nak Onvkv

Hvse Vhvmkvtkv


Fall 2010


MFSI is growing

Hompetv Pomvhesaketv tos

Hompetv Hayetv

Tribal Food & Fitness

Este Mvnettvlke Emvpunvkv

Emetvlhvmke Nak Onvkv

Hvse Vhvmkvtkv


November 2010



Way of Our Grandmothers

Hompetv Hayetv

Este Mvnettvlke emvpunvkv

Emetvlhvmke nak onvkv

Hvse vhvmkvtkv

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