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Wednesday, 29 January 2014 15:38

Mvskoke Food Sovereignty Initiative's Projects

Muscogee (Creek) Nation Food & Fitness Policy Council
Mvskoke Food Sovereignty Initiative worked with Muscogee (Creek) Nation to establish a Food & Fitness Policy Council to promote tribal food sustainability. The MCN FFPC was established as a Tribal Resolution of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation and was signed into law as TR10-079,  September 25, 2010.
MFSI Seed Bank
MFSI has established a seed bank to preserve and restore endangered seeds that are culturally linked to Native gardens. Through this project, MFSI is successfully restoring the Mvskoke favorite corn known as Sofkee corn that had almost gone extinct.
Linking local growers with Tribal Programs
Working with the Tribal Elderly Nutrition Services, MFSI to help develop a purchasing policy whereby purchases can be made from local growers to include fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables in the menus for 18,000 meals served monthly in our service area.
Supporting Tribal Sovereignty
Recognize the right to self determination; establishing a tribal, national policy for the protection for Indigenous knowledge and biological resources and a tribal food policy council responsible for protecting the health, security and general welfare of the Muscogee Creek Nation.
Past Projects:
MFSI is working with two communities to create models of food sovereignty. Both of these communities are working to produce food in community gardens, create value-added products, initiate Market Basket programs and provide fresh produce to their community members and neighbors. Supported by USDA Community State Research Education and Extension Service Agency. For more information, click on "Community Food Project."
Farmers’ Market
MFSI partnered with the Okmulgee Main Street Association to establish the first local Farmers’ Market since the 1930’s providing fresh, affordable, locally produced fruits and vegetables to the community and several surrounding communities.
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